User experience management


Designing for your customers’ delight

Do you need to attract new customers or to retain the existing ones?

Using data science and customer insights we will work together to make your products, services, and experiences address the real needs of your customers to drive their willingness to pay and loyalty.

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Designing for behavioural change

Do you want to understand the behaviour of your customers or employees and make them behave in a desired way or develop a new habit?

With proper research, we will help you understand how the users behave in a context, identify the challenges and map the potential barriers and opportunities for interventions. To develop solutions we combine a design process and behavioural economics and then test their effectiveness in hypothesis-driven experiments. All of that to nudge the population at stake towards better choices or new habitual routines.

#BehaviouralDesign #Nudging #BehaviouralEconomics #BehaviouralInsights #Habits #ChangeDesign



Making employees and organizations grow together

Are you struggling to attract the right staff, retain them, and ensure they buy into the vision of the business?

With proper understanding of the needs and behaviours of your employees we will help you shape your value proposition: develop a cause for work, stimulate personal growth and improve their job satisfaction.

#EmployeeCentricity #CultureSprint #EmployeeAnalytics #BehaviouralInsights



Increasing liveability and value of urban environments

Are you a mayor, city administrator or real estate developer who wants to increase the liveability of a city or to enhance the experience delivered by a building?

With proper understanding of context, culture and behaviour of people in the cities we can support you in meeting the needs of inhabitants, visitors and office users by finding solutions to local and complex urban issues.

#CityAsAService #LiveableCities #UrbanLeadership #StakeholdersMapping #UrbanStrategy #SmartCity #FriendlyBuilding #LocalTaxRevenueGrowth

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