Product design & service design


Products & services improvement

Do you want to differentiate your products or services to increase your competitive advantage and outperform the market?

We will help you enhance your products and services, and by that differentiate and make your experience stand out. Furthermore, we will support you with continuous optimization of your business offers based on physical and virtual customer behavioural patterns.

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# Value Co-creation # Business Innovation # Behavioural Design # Habit Design



Designing new value for the customers

Are you thinking about a new product or service and seeking a partner to help you face multiple questions? How exactly should it work? Who would be the right customer to reach and how the innovation should be communicated? How to scale it and monetize it?

We’ll lead an inter-disciplinary team to help you design compelling value. Potentially starting from scratch and up to the implementation stage, we’ll guide you in how to deliver the value through a service or a product itself, as well as across every digital and offline touchpoints. We’ll support you in making innovation profitable and scalable, at low risk.

# Innovation Design # Customer Journey # Service Blueprint  
# Value Proposition # Business Model Design # Service Design # Product Design # Experience Design # Business Viability



Research design

Are you wondering how else could you delight your customers or what’s wrong with your product or service? Are you looking for breakthrough insights which would enable your next innovation?

We’ll provide a tailor made process and deliver a solid customer-centered foundation for any next move you’re planning. We’ll help you understand your customers and how they interact with products and services. We’ll also support you in reducing the risk of investing in new products and services by introducing an agile approach where ideas are tested in early stages of the process.

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